One Of Our Satisfied Customers!

We have a home in NH that needed a good bit of work before being presentable to sell. Living in Florida makes it difficult to handle such situations. A friend recommended we have Jane of All Trades give us an estimate and discuss options. We did and were pleased with what we heard/saw, so authorized her to start working. The property is now on the market after a few weeks of her hard work. The place looks good! Just as importantly, she did what she committed to, communicated regularly, including photos, and finished early. She also called with additional suggestions of tasks that would be beneficial to the sale of the property. Because the pricing was reasonable and the logic was sound, we authorized the additional work which was promptly done. While we've only seen photos, our realtor and a family friend are thrilled with what they see in person. Jane of All Trades should be on YOUR shopping list for those home repairs you need help with. - Bill

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